We are a leading and pioneering Company
that specializes in the export of a range of Syrian Agricultural Crops. We are supplier of Spices, pulses, in addition to a wide variety of foodstuffs.

Sales are done through anetwork of agents
or brokers throughout the world , namely in USA and Europe, Asia.

We take pride in the quality of our goods.
Ammar Ghadban Trading Co. is confident that we are able to supply goods up to market demand.

Ammar Ghadban Trading Co is mainly dealing in various kinds of nuts; we have good reputation in the international market. Ammar Ghadban Trading Co is one of the leading exporters in line of Nuts like Almond kernel, Pistachios, Walnuts kernels, Apricot Kernel Seeds, Walnuts in shell, Walnuts kernels and others….

Almond Kernel

Ammar Ghadban Trading Co do export prime and supreme quality of Almond kernel that grow in Syria .


Apricot Kernel

Ammar Ghadban Trading Co is the biggest and most specialized supplier of Apricot Kernel.
We can provide and export Apricot Kernel according to your requirements.

Bitter apricot kernel

Apricot kernels (Kernals) from Earth Notions. These raw, bitter apricot seeds are air-dried to preserve the nutrition and health benefits. Apricot kernels are a source of vitamin B17. we produce bitter apricot kernel in big quantities and export them worldwide.

Ground nut (فستق سوداني)

Native to tropical South America, peanuts were introduced early into the Old World tropics. Each pod contains one to three oblong seeds with whitish to dark-purple seed coats. Pound for pound, peanuts have more protein, minerals, and vitamins than beef liver, more fat than heavy cream, and more calories than sugar. They are pressed for edible oil, ground into peanut butter, eaten as snacks, and used in cooking. The plant is fed to livestock.


Syria's pistachio is one of the best pistachios in the world. Naturally this situation proves that Syria gains considerable success and progress in different processes of sowing, fostering and harvesting of pistachio.
Ammar Ghadban Trading Co can provide Pistachios with competitive price.

Walnuts Kernel

Ammar Ghadban Trading Co Produce and export walnut kernel. Our walnuts are grown in a clean environment region in Syria.
The quality of our products is according to the international standards.



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